Undeveloped Area at Laniakea reopening

Following City maintenance and State roadwork, the undeveloped area on the mauka-side of Kamehameha Highway near Laniakea is reopening.

In mid-October City crews conducted minor maintenance on the undeveloped land on the mauka-side of Kamehameha Highway opposite of the popular beach.

Following the City maintenance, the State installed crosswalks, signage, and traffic controls to facilitate the organized flow of vehicles in and out of the undeveloped area.

Vehicles utilizing this area must enter and exit from designated points; entering from the Hale‘iwa-side and exiting from the Waimea-side. Vehicles and persons entering the area are warned that uneven ground and potholes may cause vehicle damage or serious injury.

Many of these measures were announced last December as part of the initial determination for the boundaries of the public property and the scope of these interim solutions.

For many years various solutions have been discussed on how to better manage access to the popular surfing spot and tourist destination. These current efforts are seen as short-term measures as the State works on a highway realignment plan for this corridor of Kamehameha Highway.

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