WTTC to discuss the plan on how to save tourism with Hawaii News Online readers

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) made history yesterday in coming up with a detailed plan on how to save the global travel and tourism industry. This plan was developed together with 46 CEOs of the largest travel and tourism companies in the world. It also includes the 20 G-20 nations and a lot of help by His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia.

eTurboNews in cooperation with Hawaii News Online and the rebuilding.travel discussion in 120 countries is inviting all readers to be part of an interactive Q&A with the WTTC Vice President Maribel Rodriguez on Friday, October 9 at 8.00 am London Time.

Yesterday eTurboNews proclaimed for Gloria Guevara, CEO of WTTC to be the shining star in the travel and tourism industry.

For more information on the upcoming Q&A at 9.00 pm Hawaii Time Thursday and on how to register go to https://rebuilding.travel/2020/10/08/qa-with-wttc-on-their-exact-g-20-plan-on-how-to-save-travel-and-tourism/

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